5 Benefits of a Chemical Peel

5 Benefits of a Chemical Peel

There’s a reason why chemical peels are among the most popular minimally invasive cosmetic procedures available. A chemical peel allows you to peel back old, damaged skin to reveal healthier, vibrant skin just beneath the surface for a smoother, more youthful-looking appearance. 

Third behind Botox®️ and soft tissue fillers, more people are choosing chemical peels to combat the signs of aging and improve their facial appearance. If you’re after softer, younger-looking skin, chemical peels may be the solution for you.

Wellness specialist Dr. Jonathan C. Cheng and the team at A New You Health and Wellness-The Woodlands offer the researched-backed, FDA-approved treatments to help you look and feel your best. If you’re ready to give your skin a boost, find out what a chemical peel can do for you.

Here are five advantages of making chemical peels a part of your skin care routine.

1. Smoother, younger-looking skin

A radiant, more youthful facial appearance is one of the major benefits of chemical peel treatment. The treatment involves applying a solution that removes the top layer of skin and stimulates production of new, healthy skin cells. Your skin will feel soft and have a restored glow.

Depending on the type of chemical peel you choose, you can take years off of your face. Banish sun damage, acne, dark spots, and more with a chemical peel that penetrates the skin’s surface and peels away dull, damaged skin.

2. Improved skin tone and texture

Chemical peels exfoliate the skin, increase cell turnover, and enhance collagen production. This results in a significant improvement in the texture of your skin. If you have mild scarring from acne and other types of skin damage, a chemical peel can restore a smoother texture and leave you with healthy, vibrant-looking skin.

3. Manage melasma

Melasma is a common skin condition characterized by patches of discolored skin — hyperpigmentation — usually on your face. It’s more common in women than men, is often resistant to topical treatments, and can be triggered by hormonal changes.

Fortunately, chemical peels can benefit your skin if you have melasma. The right peel can lighten dark spots and even out your skin tone.

4. Improve fine lines

When it comes to fine lines, you may think that Botox is king, but chemical peels can improve the appearance of fine lines as well. Each chemical peel formula ranges for mild to deep and treats several different skin issues.

A single deep peel can reduce the appearance of fine lines on your forehead as well as around your eyes and mouth. Your provider ensures that you choose the appropriate peel to address your skin concerns.

5. Highly customizable

Chemical peels are a safe, effective treatment for a wide variety of skin issues. A major benefit is that they’re highly customizable. Your provider can create an individualized treatment plan to rejuvenate your skin, and chemical peels can be combined with other aesthetic treatments for optimal results.

Reverse skin damage and the signs of aging with the power of chemical peels. Call us at A New You Health & Wellness-The Woodlands to further discuss how chemical peels can help you achieve your skin care goals. You can also request a consultation online.